From FablesIVI on Etsy:Blythe Miniature Personalized Passport

Really love what I got on @Etsy from FablesIVI. #etsystar

Ok so a while back I found this little wombat … we named him Wilbur and now he is coming on a holiday with us. Wilbur is seen here with his personalised passport from Fables IVI on ETSY and a map planning his trip and putting forward his suggestions as to where we go!


New blog . . .


Have decided to create a whole new blog for when we travel so people can follow one or both if they choose … if you only want to travel with us then you can just follow the other blog.

It has been a froggy kind of year . . .

Love our visiting froggies! We often see motorbike frogs and an assortment of froglets but this year we’ve also had numerous moaning frogs move in. Not so keen on their mating calls as they start at sunset and go through to sunrise and have been calling for about 6 weeks now. I have managed to photograph 3 of our froggie visitors and I thought I would share them here.

Motorbike frog

Moaning frog

Red thighed female froglet

Meet Wilbur

Wilbur W

Wilbur will be coming along with us on our travels later in the year and will pop up in some photos on our travels. I’ve just organised Wilbur’s passport so he will be all good to travel with us. If you have a travel partner and want to take them with you on overseas travels you too can have a miniature passport for your travel companion … I ordered Wilbur’s HERE

The countdown is on with less than 120 days to go now. Really looking forward to it, can’t wait to spend some really good time with Brian … I feel that we don’t get that so much now as he has a 12 day roster, which includes night shift and I work 2 days a week in the city. Bring it on!

Camera Club annual weekend away

I belong to a smallish camera club and every year we have a weekend away … somewhere. This year Margaret River was chosen and there was no way I was missing it as it is one of my favourite areas in WA (at least that I have discovered to date). We visited the beach & watched surfers, stood amongst the tall trees in the Boronup Forest, found our first native orchids for the season, visited a distillery & had a tour by James the Canadian distiller, had my first sample of Absynthe, had a multi-cutural meal cooked by the members of the club, watched the sunrise at Hamlin Bay (unfortunately the sting rays didn’t come out to play as it was too rough, but that was ok), visited a rapture sanctuary & more. Here are a few photos from my 3 days there . . .


That is me . . . I love rain and today we had our first real rain in months. It felt good! Had a lot of lightning along with it, so kinda grateful for the rain. Last night I grabbed my camera with the idea of trying to shoot some lightning … well, I took 2 shoots before the rain and happily caught lightning in one!