Can’t share at the moment


Just a quick post … unfortunately I can’t share anything at the moment as my computer is not recognising the camera when they are hooked up or vice versa! Can’t even control it manually so I guess it’ll be off to the shop for the camera. 😦

I don’t have huge amounts to share at the moment as I’ve been madly scrapping my cousin’s album which I finally finished today … I seriously don’t want to see any more scrapbooking or mini albums for 6 months. Four albums in 2 months is just too much for a card maker to bare!

Happy stamping everyone!


About Chelle

Loves soaping, cardmaking & crafts, photography is becoming a passion, enjoys travel, reading, cooking, gardening, am married to my soul mate, live on some acres away from the city ... loves life for what it is!
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One Response to Can’t share at the moment

  1. Pat(mspfd) says:

    Oh Chelle, that’s too bad about your camera! My goodness, it isn’t that old either. Good luck! Hope it gets fixed real soon!

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