Time for a change

With what I believe to be the start to the change of seasons here (finally!) I’ve changed the theme of my blog! It’s really wonderful to feel and see the changes happening with daily temperatures on average now only about 28°c and it dropping to a very reasonable 14°c on average over night. Even the deciduous trees around Perth are starting to change colour and drop their leaves. Oh, I love autumn!

Although not a photo of the change of seasons I want to share a photo I took in Kings Park late Saturday after attending the UWA (University of WA) Parent’s Welcome day – for those of you who know our city parkland it doesn’t normally look like this. The damage to King’s Park after the storm that went through on Monday 22nd March is HUGE! We only drove around the western end of the park but you could see the imense damage to all the native trees, especially the soft wood trees like banksia’s.  Don’t forget you can click the image to enlarge it. Hope you have a great week and even better long weekend!


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