Camera Strap Covers

Happy Friday everyone! Has been like forever since I last posted here. Started a 2nd job back in November and I didn’t realise just how much time I would loose. All good though as I am enjoying it now I’m all settled in. 

Took some ‘me’ time this morning for some craft. Not card making but sewing and made myself 3 camera strap covers! I love them!! 



About Chelle

Loves soaping, cardmaking & crafts, photography is becoming a passion, enjoys travel, reading, cooking, gardening, am married to my soul mate, live on some acres away from the city ... loves life for what it is!
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One Response to Camera Strap Covers

  1. Pat(mspfd) says:

    Hi Chelle, it’s been ages. Glad you are enjoying your new job. Love the camera strap covers. Great idea!

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