Two posts in one week!

I’m on a roll … 2 posts in one week. Now the challenge in on myself to keep it up.
As mentioned in my post the other day, Brian and I recently celebrated a milestone anniversary so we had a bonfire and BBQ here at home. Awesome night, fantastic company … will be remembered for a very long time. Despite asking for no gifts (being as our plan is to sell everything and travel Australia) my family gave us money, which went towards some new Baccarat Saucepans, including a steamer, pasta cooker and sauté pan with egg poacher insert … much loved and very much enjoying the new cookware! Brian’s family all pooled together for our anniversary and Brian’s birthday and bought us a HOT AIR BALLOON RIDE!!! I am thinking August next year would be perfect as the canola (rapeseed) will be in flower then but it’s a 2 person decision, so only time will tell.
Anyway, here is my cards for today. The first is the invitation for our party, to which I added a couple of sentiments and suggested to people that they up-cycle the invitation into a card.


 This second card is the Thank You cards that I sent out to those who joined us on the night and give us “non” gifts and helped out in the kitchen, on the day or by supplying some extra firewood!



One thought on “Two posts in one week!

  1. Oh my gosh, these are the most wonderful creations, Chelle. Many congratulations on your anniversary. I loved the photos you shared. Sounds like lots have been going on. What’s this about selling everything and traveling Australia?

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