Christmas Card #1

For me this year it was all about snowflakes! I really love snowflakes, they are so delicate and beautiful so created 3 cards around snowflakes. I had a corporate order and used 2 designs of the 3 to make up my order and luckily for all our family and friends I had enough left overs from the order that everyone (except 1 person) will get a hand made card this year, unlike last year where no one received a hand made card.



About Chelle

Loves soaping, cardmaking & crafts, photography is becoming a passion, enjoys travel, reading, cooking, gardening, am married to my soul mate, live on some acres away from the city ... loves life for what it is!
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One Response to Christmas Card #1

  1. Pat(mspfd) says:

    This is absolutely gorgeous. Love the colors and the beautiful snowflake — Please tell mewhat set is it from.

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