Orange Poppyseed

When I ordered the goods I needed to make soap I didn’t take into consideration exactly what I wanted other than to make soap so I ordered some micas & ultramarine colours and fragrance oils.  Then I discovered this wonderful group on Facebook using All Natural Ingredients in soap. I got interested very quickly in what I could do to make my soaps all natural and it’s pretty easy actually. Replace the micas and ultramarines with herbs & spices and replace fragrance oils with Essential oils. Yes, Essential Oils will add to the cost but they also add a whole range of other wonderful properties to the soaps. So here is my very first all natural soap – Orange Poppyseed, coloured with Paprika and activated charcoal and scented with Valencia Orange essential oil. Made on the 14th October.  Very happy with the results!! Orange Poppyseed w-activated charcoal (1 of 1)


About Chelle

Loves soaping, cardmaking & crafts, photography is becoming a passion, enjoys travel, reading, cooking, gardening, am married to my soul mate, live on some acres away from the city ... loves life for what it is!
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