Soaping …

It seems this soaping caper is somewhat addictive! I now have a number of batches under my belt and thankfully, no disasters to make mention of.
After the Orange Poppyseed I made this Gardener’s Soap with Cedarwood, Tea Tree & Lime Essential Oils
Gardener's Soap

Next came a salted soap with added French Clay and Activated Charcoal scented with Lavender & Vetiver Essential Oils
Lavendar, Vetiver & Salt soap

Next came a ‘blue’ request from Olivia so I created this Blue Energy Soap
Blue Energy

This was followed by a request for a face bar by our son … loaded with activated charcoal & scented with tea tree & lavender
DJ's face bar

Oh, then one of my favourites scent wise … Lemon, Basil & Sage, scent is very refreshing!
Lemon, Basil, Sage

Something purple-ish … my Cranberry Fig
Cranberry Fig

Then I felt the need to make another Orange Poppyseed, this time with no poppyseeds added into the mix, but rather sprinkled on top, again coloured with Paprika and scented with Orange, May Chang & Cinnamon Leaf
Orange Poppyseed  06.11.2015

I have more to share but will save them for another post … until next time


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