I love soaping …

I think I may have mentioned that this soaping stuff is pretty addictive. I have so many ideas running through my head of soaps that I want to make. On my to try list is carrot, pumpkin, banana, strawberry, aloe, and the list goes on! I’ve got a few more creations to share today starting with

Soap #11 Coloured with Alkanet & Red French Clay and scented with cedarwood, orange, vetiver & cinnamon leaf

next I really wanted to try a soap with honey so this one #12 is very ‘clean & simple’ with a blend of olive & coconut oils and honey, colloidal oats & hemp oil added at traceHoney Oatmeal

now feeling a little more adventurous I decided to try a milk soap and remembering I had buttermilk in the freezer (left over from making butter) that was my chosen ‘milk’ and so soap #13 was born ‘Milk Chocolate Mint’ … smells good enough to eat. Coloured with cacao powder and scented with peppermint EO

Soap #14 another take on the honey & oat soap (#12) but this one has added beeswax and I used a local honey “Fewster’s Farm Honey” … no added colour or scent
Soap #15 this is the last soap I’ve made to date, its a Rooibos Tea with added honey & colloidal oats. This one caramalised beautifully and not only looks but smells just like toffee … no added colours or scents
IMG_4024so there you have it … now I am all soaped out for a wee while as I am waiting on all of these lovely soaps to cure ready for testing!
Hope you have a wonderful day …


About Chelle

Loves soaping, cardmaking & crafts, photography is becoming a passion, enjoys travel, reading, cooking, gardening, am married to my soul mate, live on some acres away from the city ... loves life for what it is!
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