I think I am …

I think I am a terrible blogger. I seem to get all enthused for a short period of time, then life gets busy and my blog gets neglected. There really isn’t any other good explanation or reason.
I’m not promising anything this year about how often I may post here but I will try and make an effort.
Soap making … is still going strong and I have made a large number of batches since last posting. I made a conscious decision at the start to not ever use palm oil due to the environmental disaster of this oil. I’ve stuck to that. I also made the decision to only ever use natural products very early on and as alluring the pretty micas are and as wonderful fragrance oils are, I have steered well clear of them. My soaps are coloured by use of herbs, spices, clays, fruits or vegetables and are only ever scented with essential oils, if at all. It’s a really hard choice to stick to sometimes when you see what can be created with bright, strong colours, but the choice was made and I need to be me.
Crafts … still taking many photographs and even receiving acknowledgement for my growth in this craft when entering competitions in my camera club. This photo was taken just last night at a club outing. img_9646
Papercrafts … I’m on a roll at the moment and have started making cards ahead of time trying to keep on top of things so that when life throws unexpected curve balls I’m not trying to make up for lost time or rushing and creating a card at the last minute. Although I often work well under pressure!
On that note I will end today’s ramblings.
Striving for a positive 2017!


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