A little about me

Me – married to my soul mate for 29+ years, one son who is a chartered accountant. 
Pets include Jessie – predominately Blue/Red Heeler, Staffy/Bully cross female with a funky personality in her late 80’s and 5 chookies who provide us with luscious eggs. 
Wholesaler of papercrafts, a card maker, an occasional off the page scrapbooker, loves photography, cooking, reading & sometimes gardening! I also have a passion for cold process, all natural soap making so have started a small business selling my wares (but only to Australian folk at the moment). You can find my soap activities on Facebook HERE
Currently re-discovering the metaphysical/spiritual side to my life and liking where the journey is taking me … although it’s not happening fast enough for me!
My favourite seasons are autumn and spring … never summer but sometimes winter.
Living the good life on some acres away from the city … 
Thanks so much for taking the time to drop by!

3 thoughts on “A little about me

  1. Hi Chelle,

    Got your email that you received your Jackie Lawson card today. Has your emailed changed? I have written you recently but not heard from you.

    Hope all goes well and your search for your new home has been found.

    Take care,
    Luv Pat

  2. wow! we have lots in common (you might get that by my intro on my blog.) my dog is bodacious! (bodi) and asia (labs.) I’m also in the country (having left Toronto after 34 years.) spent 25 years as a spiritual psychotherpist then Chaplain in psychiatry and detox. reiki master (past), metamorphic technique *taught in Romania for a month…great experience*, healing touch practitioner and seer. really nice to make contact michelle. rare to connect with like mindedness. have a great day! samara

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