Meet Wilbur

Wilbur W

Wilbur will be coming along with us on our travels later in the year and will pop up in some photos on our travels. I’ve just organised Wilbur’s passport so he will be all good to travel with us. If you have a travel partner and want to take them with you on overseas travels you too can have a miniature passport for your travel companion … I ordered Wilbur’s HERE

The countdown is on with less than 120 days to go now. Really looking forward to it, can’t wait to spend some really good time with Brian … I feel that we don’t get that so much now as he has a 12 day roster, which includes night shift and I work 2 days a week in the city. Bring it on!


Camera Club annual weekend away

I belong to a smallish camera club and every year we have a weekend away … somewhere. This year Margaret River was chosen and there was no way I was missing it as it is one of my favourite areas in WA (at least that I have discovered to date). We visited the beach & watched surfers, stood amongst the tall trees in the Boronup Forest, found our first native orchids for the season, visited a distillery & had a tour by James the Canadian distiller, had my first sample of Absynthe, had a multi-cutural meal cooked by the members of the club, watched the sunrise at Hamlin Bay (unfortunately the sting rays didn’t come out to play as it was too rough, but that was ok), visited a rapture sanctuary & more. Here are a few photos from my 3 days there . . .


That is me . . . I love rain and today we had our first real rain in months. It felt good! Had a lot of lightning along with it, so kinda grateful for the rain. Last night I grabbed my camera with the idea of trying to shoot some lightning … well, I took 2 shoots before the rain and happily caught lightning in one!

I turned 50 today . . .

So the news of the day – I turned 50 years of age. I am grateful for so many things . . .

I am grateful that I am here to celebrate my 50th birthday

I am grateful that I am generally healthy & do not suffer with much pain

I am grateful for my supportive, loving, caring husband

I am grateful for our loving, cheeky son

I am grateful for all our family and friends in my life and for those I am yet to meet

I am grateful that I have a roof over my head

I am grateful for my car getting me from A to B and beyond

I am grateful that we have such fabulous neighbours

I am grateful that we didn’t have a long, hot summer this year

I could go on but you may have already stopped reading?!?

What am I saying with all of this … appreciate the good in your life. Go out and make the most of life. Do what you love. Make time for you. Eat that slice of cake. Drink that glass of wine. Live life to the best of what you can. Don’t regret anything. Travel, explore, love, laugh, enjoy … do what makes you happy!

Coconut Soap

Oh, I think I am in love with the simplicity of pure coconut soap. You cannot get any simpler than a single oil soap. I made 2 batches over the weekend, one to be made into washing powder once cured and one for a body soap. They are superfatted at different % so they will react to the body very differently, it will be interesting to compare the two once cured. Thinking out loud … being as there is no lye (sodium hydroxide) left after the saponification process and the water evaporates during the curing process in the end there will be nothing but coconut left. It’s that simple . . .

A special birthday . . .

This year sees a few family with special birthdays. With my Aunt’s birthday just a few days away now, I recently crafted her 70th card, along with another Aunt’s 80th and my cousin’s 60th. I wanted something different so looked for ideas ‘out of the box’ … pardon the pun! What I ended up creating was 3 Cards in a Box! Here is a peek at Brenda’s 70th card. Super happy with how it turned out … hope she loves it as much as I do (yes, I know … shouldn’t have increased the light before taking the photos. Hindsight is a fabulous thing! LOL).