I think I am …

I think I am a terrible blogger. I seem to get all enthused for a short period of time, then life gets busy and my blog gets neglected. There really isn’t any other good explanation or reason.
I’m not promising anything this year about how often I may post here but I will try and make an effort.
Soap making … is still going strong and I have made a large number of batches since last posting. I made a conscious decision at the start to not ever use palm oil due to the environmental disaster of this oil. I’ve stuck to that. I also made the decision to only ever use natural products very early on and as alluring the pretty micas are and as wonderful fragrance oils are, I have steered well clear of them. My soaps are coloured by use of herbs, spices, clays, fruits or vegetables and are only ever scented with essential oils, if at all. It’s a really hard choice to stick to sometimes when you see what can be created with bright, strong colours, but the choice was made and I need to be me.
Crafts … still taking many photographs and even receiving acknowledgement for my growth in this craft when entering competitions in my camera club. This photo was taken just last night at a club outing. img_9646
Papercrafts … I’m on a roll at the moment and have started making cards ahead of time trying to keep on top of things so that when life throws unexpected curve balls I’m not trying to make up for lost time or rushing and creating a card at the last minute. Although I often work well under pressure!
On that note I will end today’s ramblings.
Striving for a positive 2017!

Welcome 2016 …

Here I am thinking it’s only been a couple of weeks since I last blogged. Oh my … where does time escape to?

I think I am in love with soap making. I know I may have mentioned this late last year but I really, REALLY mean it. I’ve made 29 batches now to date and there is just so much to absorb and learn. Grateful that there is such a wealth of information out there if one truly seeks to learn via books, video, blog posts, companies sharing tutorials, artisans & more.

I have made 10 batches so far this year using my own recipes all bar one. I’d read so many fantastic posts about the infamous Liz Ardlady’s Shampoo Bar I had to try that one for myself too. Still on the cure rack so I’ve not tried it yet but I love the pure, clean white of the bar! I tend to use a fair bit of EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) so if left uncoloured most of my soaps tend to have a green-yellow colour quality. Not that that is a bad thing as they are all natural, just saying. I love that you can practically use any ingredient to make soap with (this week I used Pumpkin!) and I have so many more ideas for other soaps.

Pictured below are some of this years soaps, currently on the cure rack
Buttermilk & Coffee … coloured with cacao
Pumpkin, Oat & Calendula
Lavender & Sage
Rose Geranium & Lavender
Lemon, May Chang & Sage
Lavender & Ginger
Goats Milk & Calendula

I love soaping …

I think I may have mentioned that this soaping stuff is pretty addictive. I have so many ideas running through my head of soaps that I want to make. On my to try list is carrot, pumpkin, banana, strawberry, aloe, and the list goes on! I’ve got a few more creations to share today starting with

Soap #11 Coloured with Alkanet & Red French Clay and scented with cedarwood, orange, vetiver & cinnamon leaf

next I really wanted to try a soap with honey so this one #12 is very ‘clean & simple’ with a blend of olive & coconut oils and honey, colloidal oats & hemp oil added at traceHoney Oatmeal

now feeling a little more adventurous I decided to try a milk soap and remembering I had buttermilk in the freezer (left over from making butter) that was my chosen ‘milk’ and so soap #13 was born ‘Milk Chocolate Mint’ … smells good enough to eat. Coloured with cacao powder and scented with peppermint EO

Soap #14 another take on the honey & oat soap (#12) but this one has added beeswax and I used a local honey “Fewster’s Farm Honey” … no added colour or scent
Soap #15 this is the last soap I’ve made to date, its a Rooibos Tea with added honey & colloidal oats. This one caramalised beautifully and not only looks but smells just like toffee … no added colours or scents
IMG_4024so there you have it … now I am all soaped out for a wee while as I am waiting on all of these lovely soaps to cure ready for testing!
Hope you have a wonderful day …

Soaping …

It seems this soaping caper is somewhat addictive! I now have a number of batches under my belt and thankfully, no disasters to make mention of.
After the Orange Poppyseed I made this Gardener’s Soap with Cedarwood, Tea Tree & Lime Essential Oils
Gardener's Soap

Next came a salted soap with added French Clay and Activated Charcoal scented with Lavender & Vetiver Essential Oils
Lavendar, Vetiver & Salt soap

Next came a ‘blue’ request from Olivia so I created this Blue Energy Soap
Blue Energy

This was followed by a request for a face bar by our son … loaded with activated charcoal & scented with tea tree & lavender
DJ's face bar

Oh, then one of my favourites scent wise … Lemon, Basil & Sage, scent is very refreshing!
Lemon, Basil, Sage

Something purple-ish … my Cranberry Fig
Cranberry Fig

Then I felt the need to make another Orange Poppyseed, this time with no poppyseeds added into the mix, but rather sprinkled on top, again coloured with Paprika and scented with Orange, May Chang & Cinnamon Leaf
Orange Poppyseed  06.11.2015

I have more to share but will save them for another post … until next time

Orange Poppyseed

When I ordered the goods I needed to make soap I didn’t take into consideration exactly what I wanted other than to make soap so I ordered some micas & ultramarine colours and fragrance oils.  Then I discovered this wonderful group on Facebook using All Natural Ingredients in soap. I got interested very quickly in what I could do to make my soaps all natural and it’s pretty easy actually. Replace the micas and ultramarines with herbs & spices and replace fragrance oils with Essential oils. Yes, Essential Oils will add to the cost but they also add a whole range of other wonderful properties to the soaps. So here is my very first all natural soap – Orange Poppyseed, coloured with Paprika and activated charcoal and scented with Valencia Orange essential oil. Made on the 14th October.  Very happy with the results!! Orange Poppyseed w-activated charcoal (1 of 1)

Soap #2

Wow, miracles will never cease. 2 blog posts in a week 🙂 Hopefully I will keep up the trend.
Yesterday (5th October) I made my 2nd batch of cold process soap using the same recipe as last week, so again Palm Oil Free, however I used much less water, so the soap went to trace much quicker and I was able to unmould and photograph this morning 🙂 This soap contains some brown & red pigments for colour, oatmeal, milk & honey fragrance and a few rolled oats on top. I think I need to work on my colouring process and slicing process but otherwise I am very pleased with the progress thus far. Need to order more goodies (butters & oils and essential oils) now before I can make more
2nd batch POF 05.10.2015 (1 of 1)-2 2nd batch POF 05.10.2015 (1 of 1)

Hmmm ….

I’m not a very good blogger am I? It’s not that I don’t want to share what I do in life or what I create but I get sidetracked or just forget and then I’m sure that there is a time thief out there who steals time, but anyway, here’s to a new start.
I’m still taking photos (2 x photography projects this year – P52 = a weekly project, with a weekly theme and P365 = take a photo every day but I’ve added a twist this year … I have to use a Lensbaby Lens! I’m also still making cards and … yesterday (29th September) I delved into the wonderful world of hand crafting soap. I want to keep a diary of what I create so I figure that here is as good a spot as any. Hopefully I’ll remember to keep this up as it’ll be a record of what I do!

1st Batch Palm Oil Free 29-09-2015 (1 of 1)

1st Batch Palm Oil Free 29-09-2015 (1 of 1)-2
1st Batch Palm Oil Free 29-09-2015 (1 of 1)-3
So here are a few of photos of my very first batch of soap. It’s still in the mould and I won’t unmould it for a few days. I didn’t use a recipe that I found online or out of a book, I created this recipe myself. It’s Palm Oil free, which is something I feel quite strongly about. I want to create beautiful soaps, but also try to be somewhat responsible about what I am putting into my soaps. This 1st batch uses Olive Oil, Shea Butter, Palm Free Fractionated Coconut Oil, Rice Bran Oil, Avocado Oil & Hemp Oil. Properties of the end product should have it as a hard but conditioning, creamy, bubbly, cleansing bar. As I used the maximum amount of water it will take a longer time to cure … 1st lesson learnt. This soap is fragranced with White Tea & Ginger and has a couple of handfuls of Calendula flowers both through the soap & on top.

Where does time go …


I am at a loss for words. I know it has been a long time since I last posted anything here but I can’t believe that it’s been nearly 12 months. I really don’t know where the time has gone!

I have given my blog a fresh new look and hope to revive my blog over coming weeks.

Don’t give up on me yet!


Love & Marriage



Love & Marriage … made this card just to add to my stash.
Stamps are Papertrey Ink, cardstock, ribbon & ink as always is SU. 
Off to create a card for our nephew Kyle and his fiancé Faye for a group gift so I think I might have to use this set again but make something like the Meander Book (tutorial on Splitcoast Stampers) for everyone to sign. The challenge is on!

Working on next year’s Christmas cards …


I ordered some wonderful new Papertrey Ink products a while back but haven’t had much of a chance to play with them until now. In today’s card I’ve used Rustic Wreath in a very clean and simple design. After stamping in black I coloured the wreath with a white gel pen and then added some red dots using a clear red gel pen. Nothing too hard, just a little time consuming colouring the wreath. I think it would look great as a square card but if posting within Australia then the post office likes to charge extra for square cards, so I’ve kept it as a rectangle.