Coconut Soap

Oh, I think I am in love with the simplicity of pure coconut soap. You cannot get any simpler than a single oil soap. I made 2 batches over the weekend, one to be made into washing powder once cured and one for a body soap. They are superfatted at different % so they will react to the body very differently, it will be interesting to compare the two once cured. Thinking out loud … being as there is no lye (sodium hydroxide) left after the saponification process and the water evaporates during the curing process in the end there will be nothing but coconut left. It’s that simple . . .


A special birthday . . .

This year sees a few family with special birthdays. With my Aunt’s birthday just a few days away now, I recently crafted her 70th card, along with another Aunt’s 80th and my cousin’s 60th. I wanted something different so looked for ideas ‘out of the box’ … pardon the pun! What I ended up creating was 3 Cards in a Box! Here is a peek at Brenda’s 70th card. Super happy with how it turned out … hope she loves it as much as I do (yes, I know … shouldn’t have increased the light before taking the photos. Hindsight is a fabulous thing! LOL).

Millbrook Winery

  • Stunning location
  • Amazing food
  • Beautiful hidden gem

A friend visited here recently & I thought it may be the perfect place for me to celebrate my upcoming birthday so we popped on down to check it out. It was all of the above & more, however I feel it is just a bit far out of the way & maybe a little more than some people could handle … so looking at other options & ideas for my birthday. My thoughts on the food … it was amazing, produce where at all possible was from the heritage vegetable gardens. Simple. Elegant. Devine. I use these words to describe the food. Brian & I had a share plates – sashimi King Fish paired with freshly grated horseradish, beef with roasted fig & snake beans with olives. All melt in your mouth. The sourdough served as a starter with softened butter & salt flakes was amazing! We finished with fresh liquorice, ice cream & sorbet … O.M.G. The liquorice was incredible! We will return . . .

Another day … another card

This year sees me and a good number of people I know turn 50! Still trying to get my head around that one a bit, however very grateful that I have made it thus far!
So, for my school friends with whom I’m still in touch, I’ve made this card (in various colour versions) to help celebrate this momentous occasion. I know, it doesn’t state 50! or yell of getting older, and that is just how I wanted it, understated.

50th birthday card

NASCAR here we come . . .

Well in a few months anyway. Very exciting weekend as we booked our NASCAR experience for our trip to the USA/Canada later this year. This part of the trip is a very belated big 5 0 birthday present to Brian as he didn’t want anything in particular when he hit the half century a couple of years ago. Figured eventually something would come along that would tickle his fancy and it finally did. It’s so nice to see him excited about something … I think if he had the opportunity to, Brian would become a hermit and hide out at the reservation (what we call home).

Ok … I hear you. Stop talking holiday and share something else.
So … I’ve been a little more creative with my card making of late. I’m loving that Stampin’ Up! have picked up their game in the last couple of years and have added matching dies to their stamp ranges. Although not all my cards are 3D or have die cuts on them, I’m beginning to expand my knowledge of card making and what I can really do and having lots of fun along the way.

This card was a fairly quick one I made for my cousin as a thank you for some goodies she made & sent me just prior to Christmas. Had a bit of fun with the leaves creating texture so that when popped up with some foam mount they looked more realistic. What do you think?

Thanks to Karen more detail close up of leaves