Soap #2

Wow, miracles will never cease. 2 blog posts in a week 🙂 Hopefully I will keep up the trend.
Yesterday (5th October) I made my 2nd batch of cold process soap using the same recipe as last week, so again Palm Oil Free, however I used much less water, so the soap went to trace much quicker and I was able to unmould and photograph this morning 🙂 This soap contains some brown & red pigments for colour, oatmeal, milk & honey fragrance and a few rolled oats on top. I think I need to work on my colouring process and slicing process but otherwise I am very pleased with the progress thus far. Need to order more goodies (butters & oils and essential oils) now before I can make more
2nd batch POF 05.10.2015 (1 of 1)-2 2nd batch POF 05.10.2015 (1 of 1)

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Hmmm ….

I’m not a very good blogger am I? It’s not that I don’t want to share what I do in life or what I create but I get sidetracked or just forget and then I’m sure that there is a time thief out there who steals time, but anyway, here’s to a new start.
I’m still taking photos (2 x photography projects this year – P52 = a weekly project, with a weekly theme and P365 = take a photo every day but I’ve added a twist this year … I have to use a Lensbaby Lens! I’m also still making cards and … yesterday (29th September) I delved into the wonderful world of hand crafting soap. I want to keep a diary of what I create so I figure that here is as good a spot as any. Hopefully I’ll remember to keep this up as it’ll be a record of what I do!

1st Batch Palm Oil Free 29-09-2015 (1 of 1)

1st Batch Palm Oil Free 29-09-2015 (1 of 1)-2
1st Batch Palm Oil Free 29-09-2015 (1 of 1)-3
So here are a few of photos of my very first batch of soap. It’s still in the mould and I won’t unmould it for a few days. I didn’t use a recipe that I found online or out of a book, I created this recipe myself. It’s Palm Oil free, which is something I feel quite strongly about. I want to create beautiful soaps, but also try to be somewhat responsible about what I am putting into my soaps. This 1st batch uses Olive Oil, Shea Butter, Palm Free Fractionated Coconut Oil, Rice Bran Oil, Avocado Oil & Hemp Oil. Properties of the end product should have it as a hard but conditioning, creamy, bubbly, cleansing bar. As I used the maximum amount of water it will take a longer time to cure … 1st lesson learnt. This soap is fragranced with White Tea & Ginger and has a couple of handfuls of Calendula flowers both through the soap & on top.

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Where does time go …


I am at a loss for words. I know it has been a long time since I last posted anything here but I can’t believe that it’s been nearly 12 months. I really don’t know where the time has gone!

I have given my blog a fresh new look and hope to revive my blog over coming weeks.

Don’t give up on me yet!


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Love & Marriage



Love & Marriage … made this card just to add to my stash.
Stamps are Papertrey Ink, cardstock, ribbon & ink as always is SU. 
Off to create a card for our nephew Kyle and his fiancé Faye for a group gift so I think I might have to use this set again but make something like the Meander Book (tutorial on Splitcoast Stampers) for everyone to sign. The challenge is on!

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Working on next year’s Christmas cards …


I ordered some wonderful new Papertrey Ink products a while back but haven’t had much of a chance to play with them until now. In today’s card I’ve used Rustic Wreath in a very clean and simple design. After stamping in black I coloured the wreath with a white gel pen and then added some red dots using a clear red gel pen. Nothing too hard, just a little time consuming colouring the wreath. I think it would look great as a square card but if posting within Australia then the post office likes to charge extra for square cards, so I’ve kept it as a rectangle. 


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Christmas Card #2

It’s incredibly hot outside again today for the 3rd day in a row the temperature has soared over 40°c – currently it’s about 44.7°c outside … no wonder the poor air conditioner is struggling!
So today I share the 2nd of the Snowflake themed Christmas cards I made, again using SU’s Snowflake Soiree … did I mention that I LOVE this set!! Clean and simple in design although not so when you are trying to replicate for an order  – had to replace the bad photo I had here as the more I looked at it the worse it was, but still can’t for some reason, get a good photo of this card!! 🙂P1200771

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Christmas Card #1

For me this year it was all about snowflakes! I really love snowflakes, they are so delicate and beautiful so created 3 cards around snowflakes. I had a corporate order and used 2 designs of the 3 to make up my order and luckily for all our family and friends I had enough left overs from the order that everyone (except 1 person) will get a hand made card this year, unlike last year where no one received a hand made card.


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